Important New Updates to Google Sheets Teachers Should Know about

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Google has recently rolled out some more  important updates to some of its services in Google drive and Google Sheets is one of them.

Google Sheets has been revamped with a new look and feel. The new version of Google Sheets is faster and supports larger spreadsheets. it also has a wide range of interesting features such as :

  • It can work offline. So just like Google Docs and Slides, you can now make edits to Sheets offline. When you reconnect to the Internet, your edits will automatically sync. If you've edited Docs or Slides offline in the past, then you’re already set up to edit Sheets offline
  • The new Sheets supports millions of cells and kicks many of the old size and complexity limits to the curb. Scrolling, loading and calculation are all snappier, even in more complex spreadsheets.
  • Filter views is a new feature unique to Google Sheets that lets you quickly name, save and share different views of your data. This comes in handy when you’re collaborating so you can sort a spreadsheet without affecting how others see it.
  • it’s now easier to set up and perform calculations. New function help and examples guide you as you type, and error highlighting and coloring make it easy to spot and fix mistakes.
  • With the improved conditional formatting, you can add rules to change the colors and styles of cells in your spreadsheet based on custom formulas.