Google Search by Image - A Simple Visual Guide for Teachers and Students

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 Google search by image  is a service that allows users to identify potential sources of images on the web. This is a good way for students to pool resources and additional information on images they want to use in their multimedia projects. Also, search by image is a great way to learn new insights and find out the contexts surrounding the images. For more accurate results, it is recommended that you add some text to the image you are searching for.

The process of using search by image functionality in Google is pretty simple. Just head over Google Image homepage and click on the camera icon displayed in the search box

A small window will pop up offering the choices of either uploading an image you already have on your computer or using an image URL instead. 

Another easy way to search for an image you have in your desktop is to simply open Google Image and drag that image into the search box and there you go.

Below is a good video tutorial from Daniel Russell on how to search by image. I learned about it from Richard Byrne, check it out