Easy Way to Search Google Drive Files from Your Browser

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If you are like me and use Google Drive on a day to day basis then chances are you might be in need of a handy and practical way to easily access and search for drive files. Thankfully, I just found out through Peter Vogel about two ways to use to search  Drive files from your Chrome or Firefox. These tips are provided by Webstruck.

1- Chrome Users
Webstruck talked about two ways to search for files on Chrome, however upon trying these ways I found out that the easiest and simplest way to do it is through installing Google Drive Quick Search. This Chrome extension allows you to quickly search and get results using the address bar only. "Just type drive in the address bar and hit TAB key. Now you can enter what you want to search for."

2-- Firefox User

There is also a Firefox extension similar to the one mentioned above. Google Drive Files Search is a Firefox add-on that, upon its installation, adds a new search engine module to Firefox which you can use to search for Drive files.