Don't miss These Free Google Courses to Improve your Search Skills

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Given the pervasive use of Google among teachers and students , it becomes imperative that we learn and teach our students about how to conduct effective Google searches with least time possible but the most accurate results. In this regard, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been deeply engaged in sharing with its readers some of the tutorials and guides to help them tap into the full potential of this search engine. The last post shared in this regard was entitled "10 Practical Google Search Tips for Teachers ". You can also check out Google Search Tips section for more resources.

Today I am sharing with you two great courses offered by Google Inside Search team to help your imrpove your search skills. These courses are :

1- Advanced Power Searching
in this online class, you will get to hone your searching skills by solving complex search challenges alongside peers from around the world .

2- Power Searching
Learn tips and tricks for making your Google searches more effective and efficient via self-paced online videos and activities.

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