Create Handy Illustrations Using Adobe Ideas for iPad

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What is something virtually every teacher today struggles with? Overwhelmingly, the response Adobe hears most often is “keeping students engaged” – especially in a world where technology in the classroom (including devices brought from home) is increasingly pervasive. Many teachers say the key is to leverage simple, easy-to-use technology creatively to capture students’ attention and make it part of lesson delivery, not the focus of the lesson.

That said, free technology that’s useful in a classroom setting is hard to come by, but Adobe Ideas is a great example. The app gives students and teachers a fun way to capture and save notes, create vector drawings and share ideas in a creative way. Students can use Adobe Ideas to take notes in class or use it as a sketch pad during art class (or after school, of course).

For more advanced users, everything that is created in Adobe Ideas can be easily accessed and further developed in other Adobe tools, including Creative Cloud, Behance and Photoshop Touch.