Awesome App for creating Animated Videos- Easy Studio That Was $3.99 is Now Free

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 Easy Studio is now free to download from iTunes store. Its regular price is $3,99. You may want to  grab it. For those who are not yet familiar with Easy Studio, this app allows users to create animations and videos on their iPads using shapes and cartoons.

Some of the features Easy Studio offers to its users include :
- An “Easy” mode with predefined patterns
- An “Expert” mode with more sophisticated options for unlimited design
- A library to store, view, edit saved animations and export them to the camera roll to share them
- An “edit” function to modify/delete some of the images
- A file format that takes up virtually no memory space
- Fun templates for younger users
- Examples of animations in the Library
- Retina display
- iPad & iPad Mini app only

I learned about this from Richard Byrne