Augmented Reality Transforming Education

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Below is a wonderful slideshow on augmented reality I have discovered through Dawsonite. This presentation created by professor Raul Reinoso contains over 200 slides but are definitely worth viewing and I must say that this is one of the best presentations I have seen in 2013.

augemented reality

Raul commenced his presentation with a brief definition of what disruptive innovations (DIs) are and he stated that DIs are the drivers and generators of huge and transformative change ; some examples of DIs include : the super computers in the 60s, the personal computers in the 80s, the emergence of internet in the 90s, and the launch of iPhone in 2007.


Raul then proceeded to the concept of augmented reality and argued that it is basically a technology that adds something that augments reality. It embodies the virtual world within the real world so to speak. He then wondered rhetorically about  whether augmented reality is another form of disruptive technology or not before confirming  the fact that augmented reality is driving and revolutionizing the way human beings access and share knowledge and hence it importance as a valuable  technology especially in education.... read on to learn more about the implications of this new technology called augmented reality in our life in general and in learning in particular.