Amazing Visual Featuring Sleep Habits of Popular Writers

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One's productivity levels are strictly related to the amount of sleep one has. It is a common sensical fact that our brains which  continuously slurps up huge amounts of energy do require a given set of sleeping hours for them to function effectively. For adults 7 to 8 hours is the norm. However, sometimes our sleeping pattern is broken and we are either short of or in excess of the normal sleeping hours that our bodies require. And if you are worried whether your sleeping habits affect your productivity why not compare them to the sleeping habits of those famous authors that have marked the human knowledge with their outstanding literary legacy. Brainpickings have recently posted an awesome grahic in this regard.

The visual below outlines the sleeping habits of several famous writers from different eras. I invite you to have a look and as always share with us what you think of this work.

Check out the full graphic from this page.

sleep habits of writers