A Great Project Based Learning Rubric Every Teacher should Have

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We can't talk about Project Base Learning (PBL) without referring to the resources and materials provided by the popular platform Buck Institute for Education. BIE  conducts professional development workshops to help teachers use PBL effectively. Demand for these workshops has grown over the years, especially since 2009, and now BIE National Faculty members conduct over 100 PBL workshops a year across the United States to K-14 educators. In 2009 BIE published the first volume in its PBL Toolkit series, the PBL Starter Kit. In 2011 it published the second volume, PBL in the Elementary Grades.

Project Design Rubric which I am sharing with you today, is one sample of the excellent resources BIE provides for teachers and educator keen on effectively integrating the concept of PBL in their instruction. The rubric is two pages long and is available for free download in PDF format from this link. All thanks go back to Tom Vander for first tweeting about it. Below is a snapshot of the first page of this rubric.