5 Must Read Guides for Teachers Using or intending to Use iPads with Students

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iPad, as some argue, is leading a silent but radical revolution in the world of education. It is now being embraced by a budding host of schools as the official learning device in the classroom and though we are still in the embroyinic stages of the integration of this device in instruction, yet the first results coming out 1:1 programs using iPad are promising.

 You might be already using iPad with your students or may be thinking about using it in the future, but wherever you are in this "iPadded revolution ", make sure you tap into the full educational potential of this versatile gadget . In this same vein, and to help you better make informed decisions on the whats, hows and whys behind your use of iPad in your teaching, I am sharing with you some excellent book apps I have recently downloaded. These could be somthing you would want to read in the coming Christams break. Enjoy

1- A Guide to The iPad in Primary Education

A Guide to the iPad in Primary Education is an illustrated reference book to guide teachers through using the iPad successfully within the Primary Curriculum. Written by Adam Foster, an experienced Primary School Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator, the eBook is divided into chapters covering management of iPads, using the camera, teaching aid, film-making, screen-casting, eBook creation, Early Years and more. The book also includes over 40 minutes of video tutorials and many classroom based ideas for all year groups.
2- iPads for Learning

This book aims to provide educators with comprehensive information about how to utilize iPads for Learning, focusing on policies, guidelines, and practical information about the integration of iPads. This book is designed around four main themes of technology (Learn, Protect, Balance, Respect) that teachers, students and parents can utilize throughout the school year during a Digital Citizenship Camp or integrated into the everyday curriculum.
3- An Educator's iPad

This eBook is written for educators and parents who have an interest in mobile learning and especially in the use of Apple's iPad tablet. It is not a "How-to" manual but a resource for enabling more informed decisions regarding the use of mobile technology in learning and teaching.
4- iPads in The Classroom

The iPad is an engaging, and intuitive piece of technology that has more uses than you or I can imagine. As application developers continue to create more apps, the iPad’s uses will continue to grow. The creativity and imagination of its’ creators and the developers of applications is absolutely amazing. This book will cover some basics of teaching with the iPad, setting it up, understanding settings, accessibility and using apps for differentiation. This book is geared toward educators.
5- iPad in Education for Dummies

The iPad is a natural fit for education in the 21st century, and this straightforward, full-color guide shows you just how to deploy it effectively in your educational institution. From understanding how iPads can be used for different learning styles to managing iPad content and classroom use, finding the apps to complement your curriculum, creating interactive lessons, and beyond, author Sam Gliksman, a sought-after consultant on integrating technology in schools, answers all your questions.