5 Handy Visual Search Engines for Teachers and Students

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Below are some of the visual search engines I have curated for you today, check them out.

1- CC Search

Creative Commons Search engine allows you to search over 13 search engines for images and other multimedia materials. It aggregates and pulls out results and present them to you in one single page.

2- Flickr

This is another great resource of free images. Flickr offers a search functionality that you can use to look for only public domain pictures. Refine your query in Flickr using advanced search to look for and find free images.

3- Google Image

This is one of the best image search engines out there. Users can search for images using a combination of key words and uploaded images. Google Image also provides an advanced search service where you can narrow down your search to include only specific data.

4- Instagrok

Instagrok allows you to research a topic with an interactive map; customize it with facts, links, and videos; Share it to show what you've learned.
5- Oolone

The Oolone visual search engine allows you to search the web by viewing the resulting websites as images before visiting them.