4 Strategies to Boost Students Creative Confidence

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In his blockbuster book " Out of Mind ",  Ken Robinson argued that kids are born creative. Creativity in this sense is a biological endowment through which kids explore and discover the world around them. But as kids grow up and from the time they join school this creativity starts to wane and gradually disappear. Ken further argued the the general school system and the teaching methodologies employed in today's school is to blame for this misfortune.

When kids are given the chance to build up their creative confidence and exercise it meaningfully in their learning environments, one can only expect wonders from them. I have recently read an interesting article from Mindshift covering the topic of kids' creative confidence and grabbed this beautiful visual from it to share with you. The visual is created by OpenIDEO and is based on a challenge to get participants to
 “design fun, inspiring and new ways to help teenagers and young adults around the world preserve and nurture their own creative confidence. At a time when our world faces unprecedented challenges, how might we ensure that young people practice their creative confidence today so that they have a shot at becoming successful leaders tomorrow?”