4 Pinterest Boards Packed Full of Educational Technology Resources

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In today's post, I want to share with you some of the most popular Pinterest boards for Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. These boards sum up the major content I have been sharing with you here. If you are not yet in my followers list, go ahead and subscribe to my boards to stay updated about my future posts.

1- Free Technology for Teachers

This is the most popular board among them all. It contains more than a 1000 pins all of which are posts on educational web tools for teachers together with tips and guides on how to better teach with technology.

2- Educational Infographics and Posters

This board features over 200 awesome educational visuals covering a wide range of concepts including : flipped classroom, Blooms taxonomy, educational social networking, to mention but a few.

3- Teacher Books

In this board I share books I read and which are relevant to what I blog about in this blog. Themes include : digital literacy, 21st century learning skills, academic books, books on writing, books on academic research and many more

4- iPad Apps for Teachers

This board features hundreds of excellent educational iPad apps for teachers and students.