20 Ways Teachers Can Use Edmodo

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In this post, I am sharing with you some interesting resources created by the folks in Edmodo to help teachers worldwide better leverage the educational potential of Edomodo in their classrooms. The first part includes  some interactive free PDF guides available for free download. These guides include illustrations, tips. ideas, and several links. In the second part of this post, I am sharing with you a post first published in Edmodo blog featuring 20 ways Teachers can  use Edmodo.

Check out the PDF guides:

Below are the 20 ways teachers can use Edmodo , check this page to read more details on them.

1- Assessments

    2. Role Playing

    3. Peer Reviews & Critiques

    4. Writing Projects

    5. Build Digital Citizenship Skills

    6. Foreign Language Practice

    7. Book Clubs

    8. Professional Development Workshops

    9. Cultural Exchange Projects

    10. Sub-Hub

    11. Backchannel Discussions

    12. Science Probes

    13. Mobile Learning

    14. Planning Committees

    15. Current Events

    16. Project Based Learning

    17. Differentiated Instruction

    18. Professional Learning

    19. School Clubs

    20. Alumni Groups