12 Tips to Help You Create A Facebook Page for Your Class

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The potential of social networking sites in education is growing bigger and bigger and all the recent PEW Internet reports released in the past couple of years underscore this fact. Our students spend much more time interacting on these platforms than they do anywhere else online. Facebook comes at  the top of the list of the most frequented social networking websites by teenagers. And though some educators still have some concerns regarding the use of this platform with students, still Facebook can be a great learning space if used properly.

One of the ways you can use Facebook in your teaching is through creating a Facebook group or page for your class. There are several reasons why you should consider setting up a classroom Facebook page. First, most students love Facebook so they are already familiar with how it works. In trying to contribute to their Facebook page, students will be drawing on different skills: writing, searching, curating, and sharing.They will also get to learn collaboratively and sharpen their digital literacy skills.Additionally, participation in such informal learning platforms, students  get to develop social and emotional intelligence which is pivotal to their overall personality development.

Here is a step by step visual guide on how to create a Facebook group for your students.

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