Word Data Finder A Good Tool for Teachers and Students

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Guest Post

World Data Finder – is a one-click assistant for a fast data discovery and data analysis. World Data Finder could be a very useful tool for students for fact-checking articles and exploring data they face in the article without making any efforts to find.

Just in a single click users can explore data and charts relevant to the web pages they visit by correlating
information in the article to Knoema system datasets. The extension lets users display data and charts in a pop-up preview which is set by default or insert  charts directly into the text. They can select the "Insert charts into text" mode in extension options by clicking on a finder icon in omnibox with the right mouse button.

By the way, Knoema itself can be a very good data-driven tool for students and educators. It could be
used as an ultimate source of statistical information that get back far in time with simple built-in tools
for data analysis and data-visualization. Students and teachers can not only build their own visualizations, but use the one that are ready-to-use.

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