The Best American Infographics 2013

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I am actually working on a project that will see the light next January; this is basically a virtual space where I would be sharing with my readers particularly student researchers and academics reviews of books that I have been reading in fields related to academic research, digital literacy, multiliteracies, research methodologies, literacies, life-long learning, educational psychology and many more. I am a bibliophile and I spend most of my waking time reading and taking notes and I deem it necessary that I share some of what I read with others interested in joining the world of academia.

This project is mostly inspired by BrainPickings which is one of my favourite book reviewing websites. Until the project goes viral online, here is one good book BrainPickings has recently recommended. The book is entitled " The Best American Infographics 2013".

The Best American Infographics captures the finest examples from the past year, including the ten best interactive infographics, of this mesmerizing new way of seeing and understanding our world.