The 5 Questions Teachers should Ask Students

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A couple of months ago I posted here a good visual outlining the different steps of the inquiry process and today I come across this wonderful graphic in a tweet from Mark Kolkman about the the 5 questions we need to ask our students. This graphic is  based on Rebecca's article "5 Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Students" with graphics from Lance. If we are to nurture a learning culture in our classroom that cultivate skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, synthesis, analysis, critical judgement and interpretation, we definitely need to pose learning problems and questions that demand their immediate use.

Well-posed questions are not necessarily intricately worded questions and most often simple and breve questions can drive much more learning and elicit insight that those complex question would do. Framing good questions is an art that is learned through practice. It does take some time particularly for those newly recruited teachers, to master this art but it eventually comes along with experience.

I invite you to check what Rebecca entitled as the 5 powerful questions teachers can ask students and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy