Some Must Have Resources on Project Based Learning

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Check out these resources to learn more about project based learning:

Bucket Institure for Education

This is by all means a wonderful resource full of tips, ideas, hanbooks and many other materials to help you teach using PBL strategy.


It's impossible to talk about PBL online resources and not mention Edutopia. This website features a wide variety of materials including tutorials, blog posts, visuals, and studies on PBL. It also provides several videos showing successful implementation of PBL in different schools.

PBL Online

PBL Online is part of Bucket Institute for Education. This website offers teachers and curriculum designers with resources they might need in order to design and manage high quality projects for middle and highschool students.

PBL Checklists

To help you start using PBL,  the folks in PBL Checklists have created age-appropriate, customizable project checklists for written reports, multimedia projects, oral presentations, and science projects. The use of these checklists keeps students on track and allows them to take responsibility for their own learning through peer- and self-evaluation.

You can also find tons of links and resources on these pages :