Many New Handy Features are Added to Google Maps

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Google seems to be doing a major facelift to some of its major services. A series of updates have been released covering some popular tools such as Google Hangout, Google Drive iOS app, and now Google Maps.

Some of the new features that are added to Google Maps include :

  • Pegman is back to Google Street View making it way more easier to find locations. When you click on it, areas with Street View imagery light up.
  • Now with Google Tours, you can have a bird's eye  3D view of thousands of locations from all around the globe.
  • When you are looking into map directions, you can use " Preview option" to see a snapshot of the street-level trajectory of the destination you want to go to.
  • Google Maps now supports traffic incident reports  together with congestion indicators to help you figure out your driving directions.
Want to have a sneak peek at these features , watch the video below: