Google Released New Useful Updates to Google Drive iPad App

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Earlier today Google released some new interesting updates to Google Drive iOS app. These updates have to do with printing and how to handle multiple accounts. Here is a brief summary of the features that this new update will bring about to your Drive app on your iPad :

  • Google added support for multiple  Google accounts allowing users to switch between different accounts without having to sign off.
  • Google Drive app now supports printing. Right from your Google Drive in iPad you can send documents to Google Cloud Print and AirPrint through the new option in the detail menu.

" Today’s update to Drive for iPhone and iPad brings some handy features you’ve been asking for. Now if you have multiple Google Accounts (i.e. one for home and one for work), you can switch back and forth between them in the Drive app without having to sign out. And if you ever need hard copies of a document, you’ll see an option in the details menu to print with Google Cloud Print or AirPrint ". 
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