Google+ Connected Classrooms Brings The World into Your Class

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The folks in Google plus has recently launched a new project called Connected Classrooms. This is basically a program which enables teachers to take their students into virtual field trips and grow their learning experiences without having to leave the four walls of their classrooms. These virtual field trips are done through Hangout On Air.

These virtual field trips can take the form of a virtual tour of a facility, a conversation with an expert, a show-and-tell session with museum artifacts or a collaborative activity with another classroom across the globe. Additionally, several of these trips include activities for students and
Q/A portions where students can pose questions to the live participants.

To connect your class to a live participant in a Hangout On Air virtual field trip, you will have to, first join the Connected Classroom community where partners will announce upcoming field trips. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Connected Classrooms on Google+. You can also check this guide for more info.