Doodlecast Pro is Now Free Great Presentations on Your iPad

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I just learned through TechChef4u  that Doodlecast Pro is now free. It used to cost $3.99 and I am pretty sure you don't want to miss it. I have repeatedly featured DoodleCast Pro in my previous lists of best iPad doodle and presentation apps. With DoodleCast Pro students will be able to  create beautiful drawings and presentations on their iPad. The app also supports audio recording allowing you to illustrate  your drawings with your own recorded voice.

Some of the other features of DoodleCast Pro include :

•Set backgrounds and import your own images
• Support for multiple pages as well as undo and redo
• Save videos and images directly to your photo album
• Built-in support for sharing via Dropbox, YouTube and email
• Multiple brush and pointer styles
• Control over colours, line weight and opacity
• New rewind feature lets you fix mistakes quickly 
Doodlecast Pro helps you create and share videos for a range of purposes: 
• Prepare lessons to share with your students.
• Create video school reports on your favourite topic.
• Provide feedback on visual designs, layouts, or charts.
• Annotate charts and graphs for business presentations.
• Capture mind maps and notes during brainstorming sessions.
• Create fun animated messages to send to friends and family.
Watch the video below to learn more about Doodlecast Pro

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