Convert Your Emails into Downloadable PDFs in One Simple Click

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Sometimes it happens that you want to print  off some of our emails in PDF format; of course there are several third party tools to do this and Zamzar is one the most popular among them all. However what I don't like about Zamzar is that each time you use it to turn your email into a PDF you will have to visit their homepage to retrieve you PDF. Today, I am sharing with you an interesting tip about how to convert your emails into PDF format and right from your email editor itself. I have learned about this tip from Amit Agarwal and I have tried it with some of my emails and was really surprised at how powerful it is.

The process is very easily. Open the email you want to convert into  PDF and then click on forward and send it to : All it takes is a few seconds 5 to 6 seconds at the most and you will receive an email with the PDF format of your previous email which you can then download to your computer or Google Drive.

If your  email  contains Word, Excel or Powerpoint attachments  and you want to turn them too into PDF formats, just forward them to and again in few seconds you will get an email with PDF versions of these attachments.

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