Check Out Today's Google Doodle

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Have you used Google's search engine today ? Well, if you have you would notice a wonderful doodle featured right on top of its search bar. Out of curiosity, I delved into the doodle and tried to learn what it celebrates and I found out that the doodle honors the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Roschach (1884-1922) who was behind the introduction of inkblot test.

This test was used " to diagnose schizophrenia and borderline personality disorders, among other conditions. He would hold up cards and ask people what the drawings look like, and the idea behind the test is that people will project their feelings onto “ambiguous stimuli”.

The black and white doodle features a cartoon version of the renowned psychoanalyst sitting with a notepad and pen, while disembodied hands hold a piece of paper containing a simple inkblot in front of the screen.Users are then encouraged to share their interpretation of the inkblot on Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter.

Check out this link to learn more about Hermann and his inkblot test.

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