Awesome Poster Featuring 11 Ways to Use Technology in Classroom

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Technology has now become an essential component of our teaching digital toolkit. However, technology is not an end in itself but is only a tool to meet the objectives and goals we have outlined in our lesson plans. One rule to always keep in your mind when you want to include technology in your teaching is to reflect upon the purpose of such inclusion: ask yourself whether the same thing could be taught without technology. 

If the answer is positive then forget about it and do it without technology. The role of technology inside your class should only be to compliment. enhance, and consolidate the learning that is taking place in class and not substitute or distract it.

Your use of technology should also be structured and pre-planned. Such prior planning provides you with an opportunity to test the effectiveness of the technology you are going to use with your students and might also expose its weakness or problems ( if there are any) that you have to work on to make this technology meet your teaching goals. Remember, you are integrating and not using  technology in your teaching and there is a huge difference between the two which this chart explains in details.

Talking about tips to integrate technology in your classroom and particularly after the posting of " Important Tips for Teaching with Technology", somebody sent me this great graphic created by Really Good Stuff. The graphic features 11 ways to use technology in your classroom. I invite you to check it out and share with us what you think of it.

Below is only a screenshot, click HERE to access the original source of the graphic where you can download it for free. Enjoy