What Teachers Need to Know about AirDrop

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One of the new features that comes in with iOS7 is AirDrop. This functionality allows users to share files, videos, images, PDFs..etc with other iPad users in their vicinity. Yes Google Drive, Dropbox and several other file storing and sharing systems are already providing it but what sets AirDrop apart from them is that it works with or without WiFi connection. 

This is a great thing for us in education and the good news is that there are a wide range of educational apps that support AirDrop sharing including: Pages, NotabilityExplain EverythingBook CreatorCreative Book Builder, TellagamiiMovieKeynote and many more. Now students can, for instance, create screencasts and share it with their peers in the class instantly without requiring any internet connection.

In this wonderful video tutorial EdTech Teacher sheds more light on some other ways   you can use AirDrop in combination with some of the apps mentioned above with your students. Enjoy