An Important YouTube Tip for Teachers

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This post was updated October 2021.

In today's post I am sharing with you this practical tip to help you share specific portions of YouTube videos with your students. Creating a YouTube timestamp link is simple and easy.  In fact there are several other ways to create a YouTube timestamp other the one I am sharing here. The most popular one is to add '?t=xmys' to the end of YouTube URLs. Y stands for minutes and x for seconds. It used to work for me but it does not any more. I am not sure why. Try it and see.

The simplest and easiest way to create YouTube timestamp links is to use YouTube's integrated 'Start at' marker which you will find nested under the Share button under YouTube videos. There are two ways to use this feature. You can watch the YouTube video till the point you want to share then pause it and head over to Share, then check the box next to Start at and copy the generated URL. Or, you can go straight to Share, then check the box next to Start at and  specify a timestamp and click to copy the URL. 

Creating YouTube timestamp links

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