Tips on How to Help Your Child Avoid Bullying

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Guest post

Today, bullying has been exposed as one of the most predominant issues facing children within
the school system. About 1 in 5 students are reported to have been bullied in the last year. This
often results in painful daily situations for many young people. The good news is that bullying
has been thrust into the national spotlight over the past decade and people are more aware than ever. The solution to bullying starts right home with a few methods of support and early detection.

The first thing you must do to reduce your children’s chances of becoming a target or perhaps
a bully is to educate yourself and your children about the topic and learn about the policies of the school and the state regarding bullying. Open up strong lines of communication about the topic with your family. It is often very helpful to have siblings, whether they are older or younger, share their experiences regarding the subject among one another. It is important that the children always feel your support. You should always encourage your children to share their experiences with you, and if one comes to you about being bullied, you should commend them for telling you and be there for them every step of the way.

It is also important to try and help your children prevent becoming targets through a couple of
easy steps. The easiest thing to do is remove the incentives to being bullied. These incentives
include things like having lunch money on your person, and other things of that nature. It is also
wise to follow the buddy system and to try to not go anywhere alone. You should always have a
friend close by when in places where bullies might be, for two kids are less likely to be harassed than one. 

If a bully does manage to confront your child, they should take heed of these tips, which are most likely to diffuse the situation. The first thing they should always remember is to remain calm. You should just ignore whatever they say and just walk in the opposite direction. Oftentimes, bullies thrive on emotional reactions. Therefore a child who remains un-phased by the bully’s affronts has a better chance of not getting picked on again.

The final piece of advice that benefits parents of children, who have been bullied, is to not try and take this on alone. There are plenty of places to seek support and guidance through this difficult time. Teachers, coaches, and members of school administration are always there to help resolve the situation and make sure everyone involved gets the help they need. Many times a call to the bully’s parents is all that is necessary to resolve the situation, but in the case where that does not prove fruitful, there are many ways to make sure your child is healthy and safe.

Tyler Clark works for Liahona Academy in Hurricane, Utah and has spent many years helping families cope with child and teenage bullying.