This is How to Use TPACK Model to Integrate Technology into Teaching

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Today we are sharing with you this 2 minutes video that sheds more light on TPACK.

Here are some highlights I grabbed from the video.

What is TPACK ?
TPACK is a framework that combines three knowledge areas: technological knowledge, content knowledge, and pedagogical knowledge. This framework looks at how these trio works together to increase students motivation and make the content more accessible to students.

1- Content Knowledge:
This is the subject matter we are teaching like Math, music, Art..etc. It's the what.

2- Pedagogical Knowledge:
This is the how. These are the tools or methodologies teachers use to instruct their students: are they going to use direct instruction, inquiry based teaching, group discussion, debate..etc

2- Tecknological knowledge
This is the partner.It looks at the digital tools ( google Drive, ipad apps, Smart boards..etc ) teachers can use to make content accessible to students while supporting the pedagogical strategy used in instruction.

Now lets look at the overlaps :

  •  TP knowledge: helps us to understand how are we making content more accessible.
  • TC knowledge : allows us to identify the affordances of pairing appropriate technology to the content
  • PC knowledge : allows us to identify the affordances of pairing the appropriate pedagogies with the content.

TPACK comes from the overlapping in that centre spot or what is referred to by " the sweet spot". For more information on TPACK visit