This is How to Use Google Form to Keep Track of Student Assignments

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Google Form is an amazing web tool and as I mentioned yesterday in " 5 Good Web Tools to Create Class Forms and Sheets", Google Form is the tool I use the most when creating forms and quizzes. There are several reasons why I opted for it, first it is automatically integrated with Google Drive which means that anything I create on it is asynchronously saved in my drive account so I don't have to worry about uploading it to any file storage system. Google Form is also pretty easy to use and has a very simple and user-friendly interface so you will be able to find your way around quickly. And now that Google Form starts supporting images and YouTube videos,  I am sure I wont be looking further for any other alternative in the near future.

So another useful thing you can do with Google Form and which I have learned through a tweet from Vicky Davis is that you can now use  a Google Form to keep track of student assignments. Watch the video below to learn more. Enjoy