Kloudz A Cool Drawing Tool for Students

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Kloudz is a cool web tool that allows users to unleash their creative drawing skills. It somehow resembles Google Draw but has different drawing features. What I like the most about this platform is its simple and yet powerful drawing tools. Kloudz provides you with a canvas on which you can create your drawings and share them with the world.

There is a cloud picture which is a default background in the drawing canvas, you can change it by clicking on " pick a cloud" button and choose the one you want  from the selection. There is also a "gallery" button on the top bar where you can browse for more shapes in cloud Kloudz users have created and if you do not find what you are looking for, Kloudz offerss you the possibility of  creating your own clouds.

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When you finish working on your cloud drawings, click on " save " button and a dialogue box will pop up prompting you to save your work to your computer. You can do all of this without having to sign up but having an account with Kloudz will enable you to save your drawings to your personal gallery and will also allow you to interact with the what community is sharing through posting comments. Did I mention Kloudz is completely free ?