Interactive Graphic Outlining The 5 Characteristics of Connected Educators

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Being connected is not only about being able to easily access the virtual web, it's rather and more importantly, being capable of building an joining personal/professional learning networks and embrace the collaborative and participatory culture of these learning spaces.

There are several web tools to use to for this purpose and we have already reviewed some of them in this blog. Today, however, We are sharing with you 6 good tools for connected educators that  Susan Oxnevad suggested in this beautiful graphic. Here is what she said about this work:
Here is an interactive graphic that identifies the 5 characteristics of a connected educator with links to examples and resources to help make those connections. Of course, there are many tools that could be used for each of the characteristics listed and the tools I’ve chosen are somewhat interchangeable among categories, but here is a starting point for becoming a connected educator.
 Hover over the image to see the embedded links.