Great New Features in Google Hangout App

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Two days ago Google released a new update to its Hangout iOS app making it thus a very powerful app that can comfortably stand against Skype app. This release comes amid a wave of new releases Google has recently announced and which have all come with added productivity features as is the case with Google Presentation, Spreadsheets, Docs, and Forms.

So here is what interests us in this new update of Hangout iOS App :

  • You can now make and receive Google Voice calls
  • You can make free calls within US and Canada and right from your Hangout app
  • It now supports animated GIFs
  • The new update made it possible for users to know who among their friends is using Hangout and who is available online.
  • Now whenever you receive a new message, the music playing will only pause momentarily instead of stopping completely as was the case before the update.

The last thing to mention about this new update is that it is compatible with iOS devices running iOS6.0 or later. And of course Hangout app is  completely free.