Great Math Games Resources for Teachers and Students

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This post has been updated October 2021.

Looking for some good websites for math games? The collection below has you covered. It covers a number of platforms you can use with your students to access, create, collaborate, and engage in learning key mathematical skills using the principles of games-based learning. I invite you to check them out and share with us your feedback.


Mathsframe has more than 170 free interactive maths games. These resources are meant  to help children  visualize numbers, patterns and numerical relationships and to develop their mathematical thinking.

Plus Magazine

Plus provides various math resources including: articles, podcasts, math puzzles, and reviews of math books. 


Teach  multiplication through the use of interactive tables, games, and puzzles.

Motion Math Games

Motion Math designs challenging math games to sharpen your kids mathematical skills. It also works on  iPad.

Buzz Math

BuzzMath is the latest interactive math workbook which provides middle school students with immediate detailed feedback, examples, and motivation to allow them to progress at their own pace.