Great Guide on Google Draw Tips and Basics

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Google Draw is one of the powerful free drawing services available online. I have been using it and recommending in several of my previous posts here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Some of the good things about Google Draw is that it is integrated with Google Drive suite of productivity tools which means that whatever you draw is automatically saved in your Drive for you to access and retrieve anywhere you are and across different devices including mobile gadgets.

Google Draw also provides some collaborative features that allows users to collaboratively work on a drawing; and if you like to have feedback from others on what you have created you can activate the commenting option so that others could add their comments to your drawing. Additionally, Google Draw is also a good platform where you can create nice visuals and posters for your classroom, and to learn how to do  it, check out this detailed visual guide. You can also use Google Draw to create mindmaps and this video tutorial will show you how.

Given all these interesting features that Google Drive offers to us in education, a good tutorial on how to use Google Draw deems pressing and this is why we are sharing with you these links from Google Draw help page to help you better use its features :