Google Hangouts Guide for Teachers

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Google Plus is gaining such a huge momentum within educational circles. More and more teachers and educators are flocking to it and this is probably just the beginning. I have been using this platform since its early days and I have learned a great deal about it. I personally view it as a mixture of Twitter, Facebook and Skype all in one place. From sharing resources and links to posting updates to video conferencing, Google Plus has all the features to render it a powerful educational tool.

In this regard and to help teachers better tap into the educational potential of this website, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning features a special section related to tips and resources about how to use Google Plus for educational purposes and here are some examples:
I am also adding  this new website by Kyle Pace that contains different guides and tutorials on how to use Google Hangout in education and here is what it has to offer you:

Getting started
In this page you will learn how to get started using Google Hangouts: set up your profile.
Start a new hangout
This pages walks you through the process of how to initiate a Google hangout
Join a hangout
Here you will learn about how to join a new hangout and the apps to use .
Hangout tools
Discover some of the basic tools available to use on your Google Plus hangouts.
Classroom Ideas
This section features a wide range of ideas on how to use Google hangouts in your classroom.