Excellent Math Interactive Timeline

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Minds of Modern Mathematics  is an excellent iPad app that takes users in a journey into the world of Math. This is basically an interactive  timeline that tells the story of how Math and mathematicians have shaped the world we are living in now. The story spans a very long period of time almost 1000 years ago.

Here are some of the features Minds of Modern Mathematics provides :

Mathematician profiles:
 Discover each mathematician through a high-resolution portrait, detailed personal biography, achievements, related artifacts, and links to online information resources.

Explore 495 high-resolution images of artifacts selected and painstakingly retouched from the original Mathematica exhibit.

Original poster:
 View a fully navigable, ultra high-resolution version of the original Men of Modern Mathematics poster that has been proudly displayed in mathematics departments and classrooms around the world.

 Eames mathematics films: 
Watch nine original Eames educational films, experiencing these master educators’ genius at making complex topics easy to understand.