Download All your Google Drive Data with One Click

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Google Takeout is a service that allows you to create an archive of all your Google Drive data and store it on your computer for offline access. if you do not trust the cloud and you want your data saved in a physical memory storage device, Google Takeout is definitely the answer.

Google Takeout works only with products and services owned by Google such as Google Drive, YouTube, Contacts, Voice, Hangouts, Blogger, Location History...etc. Besides being able to access your data whenever you want it  and wherever you want it, Google Takeout is also a good tool to import and move your data from one Google service to the other or even out of Google like for instance blogger posts.

Here are some screenshots I created to walk you through the process of how to download all your Google Drive data into one zip file.

1- Make sure you are Logged in to your  Google account then head over to Google Takeout and select Google Drive from the products featured in the list then click on " create archive".

2- The download time depends on the volume of data you have in your Drive but usually it just a minute or so

3- Now that a copy of the archive is ready click on " download" and choose where you want to save it.

Google will export your Drive data in standard office file format. Docs will be saved in Word format, Spreadsheets in Excel, and Power Point for presentations.

Google Takeout is brought to you by The Data Liberation Front. All thanks go back to Labhol for the tip.

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