Connected Learning Visually Explained for Teachers

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We have been talking a lot about the connected educator in the previous posts because we are in a month that is officially labelled the Connected Educator month, however, today we will have a cursory look into another closely related topic: connected learning.

Connected learning is a learning theory that is a set of conceptions and ideas about the nature of  learning. This theory, as is indicated in the graphic below, works towards making learning a collaborative task built through the participation of different parts. Connected learning also draws on the diversity of experiences, interests, and contexts in which learners participate.According to this theory, this diversity of the learners experiences increases the learning potential.

At the centre of any connected learning are three values :
  • Equity:  for learning to thrive learners must have equal learning opportunities.
  • Full participation: learning is a collective and participatory experience in which every member should have a say.
  • Social connection: learning is a socially constructed activity that is shaped by our social relationships, shared practice, culture and identity.
The graphic below features all of these ideas. This fabulous work is realized by Mia McMeekin from An Ethical Island.

connected educator