An Interesting Collection of Handy iPad Tips for Teachers and Students

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If you have an iPad and you want to get the maximum out of in order to  enhance your iPadding experience and improve your productivity on it, the tutorials below are part of what you need.
These are some very  good video tutorials that will introduce you to a wide variety of tips related to using and handling your iPad.
1- 10 iPad tips
These are the tips included in this video:

  • How to customize side button 
  • How to secure your iPad data
  • How to work on your notifications
  • How to insert smileys in iPad keyboard
  • How to clear your browsing history and cookies
  • How to use voice dictation
  • How to enable/disable multi-touch gestures
  • How to split iPad keyboard
  • How to take a screenshot of your iPad
  • How to create bookmarks and folders from Safari

2- iPad workshop
These are the tips included in this video:
  • How to select a paragraph
  • How to reach the top using status bar
  • How to create keyboard shortcuts
  • How to dock and undock your keyboard
  • How to change time zones

3- 17 iPad tips and tricks
These are the tips included in this video:

  • How to take a screenshot of iPad screen
  • How to enable iPad slideshow
  • How to load ups into the dock
  • how to shut down  apps
  • How to avoid app exits
  • How to erase all your iPad data
  • How to lock sideswitch
  • How to change default search engine
  • How to enable restrictions
  • How to create a complex password
  • How to create custom shortcuts
  • How to multi-touch
  • How to custom spotlight search
  • How to check local traffic on iPad
  • How to enable built-in dictionary
  • How to use punctuation shortcuts
  • How to easily access music player