A Smart Tip to Play YouTube Videos in The Background of Your iPad

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Here is an awesome little trick I learned today from Amit Amirgal. If you have an iPad or iPhone you will notice that unless YouTube videos are in the foreground you can not watch them. For instance, when you are watching a YouTube video and you try to open another app the video does not play in the background instead it sops playing which is not the case with desktops. In a desktop you can have a YuTube video playback while you are working on something else. However, with this trick you will be able to do it on the iPad and iPhone as well.

Here is the procedure:

Open up the video you want to watch on YouTube and start playing it. Head over to whatever app you want to work on and open it. Now swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control centre ( this works with devices running the new iOS7) and click on play and the video will resume playing in the background while reading, for instance, a book in kindle app.

For those of you who have not yet upgraded their devices to iOS7, you still can do the same trick with the old versions of iOS but instead of swiping up to open control centre you will need to double-press the home button and swipe the notifications bar from left to right. Press the “Play” button to resume the paused YouTube video.

Watch this video to see the trick in action