90+ Google Plus Accounts for Teachers to Follow

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Update: Google Plus is now defunt.

This is a cross-post from best online universities. The original post contains 99 Google Plus communities but I have picked only the the first 10 according to their order. Check out the entire list HERE.

" These Google Plus accounts cover everything from free online video courses to full on learning management systems. There is a lively ecosystem of bloggers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and companies both collaborating and competing to build the future of education technology. This list is not meant to rank any of these Google Plus accounts above the others, but to recommend them all as great sources of information for people who are passionate about education technology. "

1- eLearning Industry
eLearning Industry is a place where those involved in eLearning can come and discuss the different developments they’re faced with, as well as convey information, and help secure jobs. From these benefits, it’s easy to see how they can be useful to those in Ed Tech.

2- Edudemic
Edudemic has all the best information on how to design engaging content for students and the Google Plus posts are great because their focus remains intent on improving the classroom.

3- The eLearning Guild
The eLearning Guild is an impressive organization, often providing exciting and engaging content in the forms of conferences, online events, research reports, industry publications, among other forms. If you’re trying to get involved in the eLearning community, going through their posts is a great starting point.

4- Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Community
As a teacher, it can be more difficult to find useful educational resources for integrating technology into the classroom. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Community makes it much easier with their large amount of posts to connect teachers with useful tools for working with students.

5- Edtech Community
One of the best parts about the 21st century is our ability to connect in new ways and the EdTech community accentuates this, specifically through their fantastic forum where educators can converse with technologists, and other individuals in this field. It’s great for those in eLearning to get in touch with other established individuals.

6- Higher EdTech Community
Higher EdTech Community has some truly awesome content that posits useful ideas to the viewer. A lot of the posts consist of a news article and commentary on it, but they’re very insightful. It’s definitely recommended if you want a good picture of various implications that go along with technology.

7- EdTech and Professional Development Community
As Ed Tech and eLearning have continued to develop, they’ve also had significant effects on the workplace and how employers go about training their employees. What makes EdTech and Professional Development Community so impactful is how they’re able to propagate useful training ideas.

8- Education Dive
Education Dive is looking at the next frontier in technology, which is mobile and portable devices, and has been developing ways to make eLearning successful on-the-go. The Google Plus page posts a lot of content relevant to eLearning on mobile devices, so is very worthwhile to read.

9- eLearning Tags
eLearning Tags is useful for students and teachers alike to locate some of the best resources concerning eLearning and Ed Tech content. By allowing users to use their database of bookmarks and contribute their own, the quality of the site is able to improve each day.

10- EdTechReview
EdTechReview acts as an engaging content filter, helping ensure notable eLearning classes get the attention they deserve. Posts on the Google Plus page act as a forum for discussing different issues within eLearning and the Ed Tech community.