7 Good iPad Apps for English Learners

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Do your students want to expand their vocabulary wherever they are with their
iPhone or iPad? Suggest WordSmithe. Whether they are in a coffee shop or hanging out with  friends, WordSmithe could give their vocabulary a boost for only $0.99.

What if your students want an app that could help them publish their own digital book by customizing layouts or using already created templates that they can add text plus images to? iBooks Author is free and the app that can do all of things plus more.

 If your students are majoring in English, they will probably rely on a thesaurus and dictionary to help them out when it’s time to compose papers or analyze literature. For $1.99, the WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus app provides recorded pronunciations for words, spell-checker, and 23,000 word origins. 

 Students who are English majors probably have a thing for books. What better way to keep track of all the books they have read, want to read, or are reading than Goodreads? It is free and users may connect with other people and see what they are reading, too. In addition to creating book reviews and reading other people’s book reviews, users might search for quotes and add them to a personal quotes library. 

 This app is great for English majors who are writing rhyming poetry and who may need a little help when they are composing poems in the style of Shakespearean sonnets. Perfect Rhyme has over 130,000 entries and students may even search for words by the number of syllables.


 If your students are plagued by writer’s block, how about an app that could get  the creative juices flowing again? Brainstormer is available on iTunes for only $1.99 and has  wheels that you spin to come up with combinations of plot/conflict, subject/location, and theme/ setting. Students may edit the wheels or use the provided suggestions to generate fresh ideas for  creative writing assignments. 

 How about free ebooks for your students made available through Wattpad ?Wattpad offers more than 10 million free ebooks for English majors to pick from and in genres like thrillers, romance, sci-fi, mystery, and much more. App users may read offline and connect with favorite authors around the world.

Pamela Rossow is a freelance writer who works with higher education clients such as eLearners.
She is a native South Floridian who enjoys photography, literature, and hockey. You can follow
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