2 Excellent Forms Creation Tools for Teachers

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As  teachers, we create, share, and work with various types of forms. They are part of our daily instructional activities. There are several web tools that can help you create beautiful forms to embed on your classroom site or share with your students online. Below are two of my favourite tools:


This is definitely one of the best form building tools out there. It offers a wide variety of awesome services and functionalities that allow you to create professional looking forms. You can start with a pre-made template and customize it the way you want or you can build your form from scratch. The tool's intuitive interface lets you drag and drop different sections, questions, and fields to your forms. JotForm also offers other excellent features such as Report Builder which allows you to generate visually appealing reports (E.g., bar graphs, pie charts, and forms submission grids) from your submissions data; Smart PDF Forms lets you convert PDFs into fillable forms.  When fillers respond to your forms you receive email notifications. JotForm provides you with stats and detailed metrics to help you assess how your forms are performing. 

2- Google Forms

Google Forms

Another good tool to help you create different types of forms including: surveys, polls, registration forms, booking forms, quizzes, feedback forms, signup forms, consent forms, and many more. You can simply log in to your Google Forms,  click on new form and start populating your form with your data. Alternatively, you can access Google Forms gallery and use a ready-made template from there. There are some beautiful forms in the gallery including : Worksheet, Exit Ticket, Assessment, Course Evaluation,  Event Feedback, Contact Information, and more. Click on any form you like to start editing it.  

Please note that JotForm contains an affiliate link.