YouTube Audio Library Features Tons of Free Music to Use in Classroom Multimedia Projects

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Some good news today from YouTube. We just learned about this gigantic step YouTube took by allowing people to download music for free from its new service called YouTube Audio Library. This is not a comprehensive library and don't expect to find every piece of music you want there but still it is a very good start and is one of the best platforms we can use with our students to access free music downloads.

Students can access and download tunes from YouTube audio library and use it as a background in their video projects. YouTube has even made it easier for them to search for and find  the music they want from its library. All the music embedded in the library can be browsed through the following criteria:

1- Featured
This part contains the most popular hits that people have downloaded

2- Genre
You can use this to specify the music genre you are looking for .Some of the genres used here include: classical music, Jazz and Blues, Reggae, Country and Folk, Rock, Pop and a couple more.

Choose music that suits best the following moods: angry, ambient, happy, romantic, sad, calm, inspirational, dramatic, dark, funky, and bright.

4- instrument
You can also choose your music according to the instrument being used in it like : Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Organ, Piano, Strings, Synth, Trumpet.

5- Duration
You can look for music clips according to their time duration ranging from 1 minute to 25 minutes.

To download any tune you can just click on the arrow pointing downwards which is placed right in front of the tune. You can also click on the star button next to it to add the tune to your favourite list.

Now with YouTube Audio Library, students will have more fun working on their multimedia projects.