Two Handy Tools to Create Sign-up Sheets for your Cass

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Below are two excellent web tools to help teachers create easy and free sign-up sheets . Enjoy

1- SignUp Genius

SignUp Genius is a great web tool that allows you to easily create sign-up sheets and coordinate group projects online. Next time you want to organize an event and want to include parents or other members of the community, just head over to SignUp Genius and give it a try. It is really wonderful.
To use this web tool you need to open an account with them which is completely free. Once logged in, you can select a template or theme for your sign-up sheet and enter the dates/times and slots you need. When you are done with the customization of your sign-up sheet you can then invite group members using either email invitations or send them the link to access it themselves. If you are designing a sign-up sheet for only a particular category of people like for instance your students and you don't want others to see it, all you have to do is to enable private viewing. Your members can sign up 24/7 and after each sign-up you will get an email notification. SignUp Genius also allows you to send reminders to members.
check out this vidoe to learn more about Sign-up Genius

2- Volunteerspot

VolunteerSpot is the leading FREE volunteer management software that's so easy, anyone can use it! A simple online sign up sheet makes organizing everyone easier and faster. VolunteerSpot's free volunteer scheduling software lets organizers quickly set up volunteer needs in an online calendar and invite volunteers to sign up from their computer or smart phone. Use it for anything including service projects, school carnivals and walkathons, class parties, swim meets, tournaments, charity races, Scout campouts, parent teacher conference scheduling, and more! Automatic reminders help volunteers keep their commitments and easy online calendar editing, reporting, and messaging saves organizers more time and energy so they can do more good!