This is How To Use Google Hangout in Your Classroom

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If you are planning to use Google Hangout with your students then here is a very good video clip to help you learn more about the benefits of using this platform in your teaching. Though relatively new, Google Hangouts has been increasingly gaining in popularity particularly among educators and social media users.

Google Hangout  has several distinctive features that sets it apart from the crowd. First, it is integrated with other Google services like Youtube, Gmail, and Calendar and if you have a Google account then you automatically have a Google Plus account. Google Hangouts can also be recorded or streamlined live on YouTube using a generated link. Google Hangouts also supports a wide variety of third party apps that can be used to perform different tasks like adding emoticons, doodles, chat and many more.

To help you set up a Google Hangout with your students Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has this short visual guide to offer you. It will walk you through the different steps you need to follow to get your hangout up and going.

Here is a great hangout to learn more about how Google Hangout is being used by educators.