This is how Students Can Generate Creative Commons Licenses for Their Digital Productions

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One of the first things you definitely need to talk to your students about particularly during the  first month of this new school year is the importance of respecting the copyrights of digital content they find on the net or anywhere else. Students need to understand how to correctly attribute credits to copyright holders when they include their works in classroom projects. To do this, they need to comprehend the notion of creative Commons. Educational technology and Mobile Learning has already published some good posts to help you teach your students about Creative Commons, I invite you to have a look and share with your students as well.

You might want to use it for your classroom blog or probably your students need it to license some of their digital creations. To generate a Creative Commons License for your work, you need to follow the steps in the graphic below. After filling it up you can grab the code and use it on your class website or anywhere else on the web.

Click here to access the original fillable  graphic