The Chief Reasons Why You Should Create your Personal Learning Network

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Below is a must watch video from made by Skip Via and in which he argues for the importance of creating and participating in PLNs for teachers and educators. Among what he talked about in this video and which really caught my attention are  the two chief reasons you should consider creating your personal learning network. These reasons are :

1- Accessibility
Through PLNs, you get to create and participate in a support system of colleagues and mentors and no matter where you are , you can always have access to the help of your community.

2- Responsibility
Providing professional development for educators in the format and to the extent they need it is costly for k-12 and secondary institutions in terms of funds, tine and expertise. Therefore, it behoves us to provide for our own professional development. It simply wont work waiting for somebody else to do it for us.

Here is the full 5-minutes video of Skip. Enjoy